Our Services

Our services help brands optimally position themselves within the digital landscape, boosting their image and generating awareness of their products and services. We specialize in developing digital marketing strategies and find the perfect moment, place and tone to help your brand maintain digital conversations with today’s consumers.

The IMSI™ Method

We know what we’re doing and we're strongly committed to results. That’s what’s most important. We measure our success through your success. Our strategies and online services are designed to surpass your objectives and expectations.

INFORMOffering exclusive information and unique points of view to position the brand as a source of useful knowledge
MOBILISECreating a united community by identifying users with CSR initiatives
SURVEYFundamental to understanding the opinions of our community on the business, our brands and the sector. Also key to making the user feel listened to and like their opinion matters
INTERACTThe objective is to make our followers into our very own community ambassadors


Formats of Online Advertising

Pending the results of the 2016 Infodex study on advertisement investment, which will be announced Wednesday, February 22nd, we know from the 2015 advertisement study that internet advertisement investment increased by 15%. This important fact confirms the constant growth of the sector over many years and demonstrates that, after TV, internet is the predominately usedVer más

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