At Influencia we influence influencers

Hi! We’re, an agency specialized in digital marketing that forms part of MdC group.

We thought of a million different ways to get your attention: sending flowers, chocolates, love letters (because we love you, and you know it), organising an event with cocktails and canapes (that always works…) but we were afraid that this still wouldn’t be enough. We couldn’t see ourselves reflected in any of these actions. So, finally, we decided to tell you about us with a video. If you didn’t know, we’re not just a digital agency specialised in working with influencers; we have our own audiovisual department too.

We didn’t want it to be simple and that’s why we turned to 3 very special collaborators: Natalia Escaño, Daniel Rueda and Javier Ollero. They’re better known as I am Natalia, a Spanish girl with more than a million followers on Pinterest; Drcuerda, a storyteller who takes over on Instagram with his architecture and geometry; and Rayas y Cuadros, a leading men’s lifestyle blog.

We are born digital

Our slogan tells you everything you need to know about us. At Influencia we‘re a team made up of 20 digital natives who believe in working with the latest digital marketing trends and in offering a multilingual service with one simple goal: influencing influencers.

As our Director Fernando López Cienfuegos says: “today, the role of a digital influencer is crucial to a digital marketing campaign, especially when we know what moves them. Our job is to know their world in its entirety, but above all who they really are and how we can reach them.”