Does the perfect copy exist?

There are self-help manuals that promise success after following the established guidelines. Nonetheless and to our great regret, the perfect copy doesn´t exist. There is no protocol to drafting your brand´s success, but we can propose you hard work, all our knowledge and experience in the BBQ, to cook – above all – the ideal text.

How to cook this copy?

  • It is essential to know well the brand, the product and your audience.
  • You have to take under consideration that behind that copy, there is a bigger campaign…don´t take it for granted, it should be the main pillar around which all actions must revolve
  • The media and it´s great importance. We make sure to remember it in each of our posts. If we already know what we want to say, then we should be able to adapt the channel
  • The call to action, or “how we want the message receiver to react?” Our copy should make a call to action, even if it is not a direct one, we should ensure that whoever receives the message, tries the cold meat, travels by plane or chooses our life insurance. Let´s tell the audience how we are and the value that our product brings to the table. Otherwise, resources will be invested in the wrong direction.
  • Above all, who you are must be clearly reflected in every copy. Your brand is the most beautiful name you can pronounce or write. Let others watch it and listen to it too. This is the only way that they will be able to remember.


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