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How Influencia does communication strategies

All hands on deck, at we have a new task. A potential customer is interested in managing their brand online and has entrusted us with the task, due to both our resources, as well as our previous successes and accumulated experience. At we are all digital natives and each have our area of expertise within online communication: community management, online advertising, social media, SEO and SEM, as well as an internal audiovisual producer, which allows us to react with immediacy and at an affordable price.

To create a definition of online strategy we have joined together everyone that forms to answer some questions.

Who is the client?

Before we start work, we must get to know the client well: who they are and what they’re like, the reason for their name, who they target, who they want to target, who they have worked with until now and how they’ve done it.

This point is very important. Imagine you have a gourmet yogurt and that is reflected in the price; it is expensive. There are two key factors in determining the line of communication to follow, for example, it would be difficult for us to try to sell the yogurt as a product for the whole family.

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What is the umbrella concept?

We understand the “umbrella concept” as having one wonderful idea under which the entire communication strategy is built. It is important at this point that all members of the team are around the table, so that each one can contribute their point of view from their area of expertise.

The umbrella concept can be a feeling, an object, a situation, a phrase, but whatever it may be, it has to give way to storytelling. Based on that key concept, we will develop a story that will be reflected in all brand communications. In the case of our gourmet yogurt, we could use “a real dessert” as the umbrella concept, for example. Thus, we add value to both the product and the consumer, making them feel valued as they know that they’re choosing desserts that are good for them.

How do I outline the strategy?

We have the client, the target and we have an umbrella concept. Now you have to create some order and start putting the strategy both online and offline. You have to brainstorm.

Maybe a video that shows different times the product is eaten? Among friends, where the product is offered as a luxurious treat? Yogurt as the perfect accessory for modern women?

Should we do collaborations with rich Mummy bloggers, or would it be better with foodies? What about working with lifestyle influencers?

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a brand ambassador, right? We could organise a really chic party with celebrities walking down the red carpet who can try different yogurts offered by the brand.

Little by little, our ideas start to take shape. The tone and language used are always under the concept that we originally decided upon, making it more appropriate for the product. This way, using all our ideas, we develop a communication strategy to be used both online and offline.

How do we present it?

Everyone has their own little tricks. There are agencies that make a PowerPoint, others send a PDF to the client and others want them to live the experience. At, we believe the best option when pitching to a client is to make them see and feel the idea. Words alone can do nothing more than present an idea of what we can do.

At we give life to the idea, making it a reality in order to present real experiences to clients, rather than just words.