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María Fernández needs cuddles in the morning

María Fernández is a computer technician and works for a big company. Her day-to-day routine involves getting up early, working and coming home exhausted. That’s why she looks forward to the weekend so that she can enjoy relaxing without anything to do, spending time with friends and with her partner who she hasn’t seen much of lately.

But María is a very independent woman. She has plenty of friends, so if her partner has to spend the whole day working it’s very likely that she’ll be at the cinema with friends, tucking into a large popcorn.

Although María enjoys these little pleasures, she is also passionate about travelling. She loves visiting distant countries and absorbing herself in the culture with locals.

All this makes it sounds like María Fernández is part of our team, like she’s part of Influencia, but that’s not the case. María Fernández is a girl from Madrid, just a girl that we decided to get to know a little better by looking at her social networks. Thanks to the digital world we discovered things about María’s life, details that a head-hunter could have easily found through a little internet surfing.

In a 100% online environment, where the line which separates our lives and the digital world is almost imperceptible, personal branding comes into play more than ever.

As we have mentioned elsewhere, if a brand has to have its own personality how could we not have one? Before taking any step into the world of social media networks, we have to have a very clear idea about what we want to show the world. This may depend on our personal relationships but also our work relationships.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about this in his book “Intuitive Intelligence” (Taurus, 2005). He claims that people determine a first impression of some people in just two minutes. After this, our mind comes into play and does everything possible to confirm this initial ‘impression.’ It often automatically rejects any information that contradicts our initial impression.

This theory means that our first job interview should be impeccable. Similarly, so too should a brand’s initial jump into the online world. It should always be tactful, friendly and with a clearly defined tone, a strategy that supports the whole process. Above all, it must demonstrate eagerness and good preparation.