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Not everyone knows how to cook an artichoke

A Community Manager is not a social media regular user that suddenly and by chance manages brand accounts. Community Managers are users, but at a professional level. They master social networks as nobody does and when it comes to handling communities of followers they do it tactfully.

What we mean with this is that nobody will be able to manage your social media accounts (whatever they may be) as an experienced professional of the online field would do it. It takes someone that has a sense of smell and natural instinct to move communities, manage the online reputation, increase the number of followers and pass on the brand values and messages to its audiences.
A close example (perhaps): an artichoke

How many times have you cooked an artichoke? And out of these times, how many has it come out as crunchy and tasty as the ones you can eat at a restaurant?

There are probably some differences between the restaurant´s chef and you. The fact is that the restaurant´s chef has skills and experiences that have been acquired throughout the years that you don´t have. For what reason? You only cook artichokes when you feel like it, while he does it on a daily basis no matter what. And on top of everything, he does it with passion.

On the other hand, it´s not the same to cook an artichoke just to get it out of the way and feed yourself, than to do something creative that goes beyond and that is a sensorial experience. This, compared to the world of online marketing, explains the difference between an average user of social networks and a Community Manager.

So when it comes to leaving your social media strategy in someone´s hands consider their experience: if they know the raw material that they are going to work with, the way to treat it and what to combine it with, the cooking time and if when the time to present it they are able to do it with style. If this is not the case, then contact us.