Online video: the future

Many of us don’t remember a time when television had just one channel. We’re more likely to remember what it was like when we had ‘as many channels as buttons on the remote.’ Then came satellite TV, with access to international television. And now the internet, which has changed everything. Our possibilities are now endless, as endless as our imagination.

What makes online video so special?

  • It’s instant. We live in a state of connectivity. We no longer need to physically sit down in front of the television to watch content. We could call it ‘easy content.’ It’s there when we want, where we want. We can watch it on a tablet, or even a smartphone.
  • The importance of content. Information and entertainment go hand in hand. A brand can now create its own content, see what users like and give them more of it. Essentially, it informs and entertains at the same time. Information presented in audiovisual form is retained up to 80% more by the human brain than in other forms, according to figures from CISCO.
  • It’s for everyone: We all have access to the content. The internet allows adults and children alike to consume their favourite content. It’s not like Pay TV; it’s infinite television, open to everyone. It’s available whenever you want it and as often as you like.


Online video has become a great resource for brands, the perfect way to transmit key messages. Using it correctly, a brand can go a long way… but what does it need to do so?

For any online video campaign to be a success, a number of different players have to be in agreement: the brand, the agency, creative designers, community managers, AV producers… the list goes on. They all need to work together with a single idea to make it work, to make it viral and to reach the target audience – and beyond.

En we have our own audiovisual department which makes the planning and execution of any video marketing action easier. Our Account Manager can call together our social media specialists and AV team – both our storyteller and production team – and our content specialist at a moment’s notice. In small meetings like this we break down client briefings to prepare attractive, creative and professional proposals that maximize objectives and create an impact in an original and decisive way.