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Social Media: LinkedIn and Facebook are Not the Same Thing

All Social Media is public, and we should use it with caution.

Facebook is in our lives to remind us –among other things- of our past. That we went to high school and shot the breeze with classmates, or that the person you never liked was at a party last Saturday wearing next to nothing. Essentially, Facebook connects us with everyone in our lives. With the people that, in any given moment, were a part of our surroundings. Thanks to the existence of social media it’s now easy to communicate with simple status updates; we see how everyone is doing, if they are now parents, where they ate last night or what they ate today, if they went on a vacation, or celebrated their grandfather’s birthday.

Would anyone be surprised to see a photo of mac and cheese, or of a perfect manicure with the beach in the background, on Facebook? No, but if we saw the same things on LinkedIn, we would be. Why? The answer is simple: Facebook and LinkedIn were created with two different objectives in mind.

LinkedIn is not a social media platform that you use to post your resume and wait for amazing companies to contact you. The objective of LinkedIn is to put you in contact with professionals that you know, so you can further establish a professional relationship, because who knows if you will end up working together in the future.

LinkedIn is also not a space to talk about your personal life. You can share articles, news, or graphics that have to do with your line of work, but don’t share photos of yourself in a swimsuit, or of your dogs, or a video of your baby saying their first words. LinkedIn is a professional Social Media platform that, at most, shares your professional abilities, your past employers, and how you represent yourself as a professional.

The difference between these two types of social media is radical. Facebook was created to bring people closer on a personal level, while LinkedIn shows our professional side. Since the birth of Social Media, many people have wrongly treated them the same. The reality is simple: we need to take care not to mix messages from these two platforms; Facebook and LinkedIn are intended for entirely different audiences.

Some Advice

If you still question what you should be posting on each social network, let us give you a tip:. Imagine that your boss is behind the screen of LinkedIn, and your best friend is behind your wall on Facebook. Would you like your boss to see you at last Saturday night’s party?

At, we believe everyone needs to learn how to behave correctly online. When we design an online communication strategy for our clients, we search for the most suited method of communication, keeping in mind their audience and channel.