The importance of content strategy

The way we measure results in online communication has changed as the sector has progressed. Social networks of all kinds have been born, grown up and perished, media and users of all kinds have evolved, grown and strengthened. For example, a few years ago, during the proliferation of social networks, the goal of any brand was also to have as many followers as possible, without stopping to think about the content on their social profiles. Now, trends have changed along with the goals of marketing departments. We all recognise that it is more than necessary to have a broad audience, but what we really want is to be heard. What good is it to have millions of followers if they aren’t interested in what we’re telling them? In this aspect, content marketing has become a fundamental strategy in generating interest.

It’s this interest we’re focusing on today. It’s called engagement and it’s an indicator of what’s in fashion. Customers no longer ask for followers. After growing their community and reaching the stage of maturity, brands are now looking for reactions: they want retweets, favourites, comments and shares so that the content awakens an interest in them. It is a game of seduction: the brand offers attractive, interesting content and wants to interact with the end customer. Even if it’s just a little bit.

content strategy

The traditional way to seduce an audience to generate interest about a brand has always been publicity, but is a one-sided relationship. The consumer has never played an active role and has had to settle for sitting in the stands as a mere spectator. The rules of the game have taken a turn in the online universe, more so with social networks, where users have become the generators of content and opinion. That is why it is so important to offer quality content that seduces users, invites them to participate in the conversation and generate activity around the brand. Brands must integrate their content strategy into their overall marketing plan and give it the importance it deserves.

And that’s how we get new followers at seducing them. And we do it through quality content. It would be useless to follow something that does not interest you, that you don’t like and that you don’t want any relationship with. If we are attractive and seductive, we will achieve their fidelity and we will obtain two results in one: followers and engagement. (Meter link to previous post about followers and engagement) is specialised in content creation. Having our own design team and an in-house audiovisual department allows us to offer content of any kind with immediacy and quality. No one said that being attractive was simple, but if the goal is to seduce, our way of understanding content marketing within online communication is sexy as hell!