The impossible vocabulary of Online Marketing

Technical terms in digital era

In the world of Online Marketing, it sometimes seems as if we’re trying to discover the meaning of impossible vocab, due to the multitude of technicalities and anglicisms that are used in daily jargon. Sometimes we lose ourselves in their overly technical appearance and we don’t quite understand what they’re referring to. In this post, we are going to decipher the hidden meaning of 5 of the most used terms in the digital sector which drive many executives and marketing managers crazy:

Content Marketing

Or as it could be said in Castilian, “Marketing de Contenidos”. It offers very attractive content for target users, who are your potential customers. The aim is to attract attention through all kinds of content (text, images, and videos) with a high value and of great interest for these users, making it into a brand which leads the generation and dissemination of content. This term is closely linked to the one below.

Inbound Marketing

It is basically a result of the previous term. We already talked about it in another post, as if it were a game of seduction. It consists of attracting qualified traffic to your website through interesting content. By qualified, we mean users who could become potential customers and vocal supporters of our brand. We no longer look for the users ourselves, they are the ones looking for the content that we offer. In the end, the important thing is to measure all this traffic with web analytics tools: where it comes from and why, and how to extract useful conclusions to better understand our audience and apply improvements to our global online marketing strategy.

SEO Copywriting

This concept combines two very different disciplines, but they have found common ground on which to coexist. SEO, as we know, is a set of techniques aimed at organically increasing the visibility of a web in search engines. On the other hand, Copywriting refers to the discipline of being able to sell simply through words, such as with a good slogan or a successful claim; being able to synthesise a message or an emotion to seduce a potential client. So far, it seems closely related to Content Marketing, where SEO and Copywriting meet. It is the art of seducing search engines and users alike, writing and optimising search engine positioning algorithms while at the same time applying a persuasive communication which ends by pushing the search in the direction of our website.

Growth Hacking

A very fashionable term among Internet startups. It picks up the essence of SEO and takes it one step further. It consists of applying all the strategies, techniques and tools that lead to increased visibility, notoriety and volume of an online business, especially if it is newly created and linked to technology (for example, an app). Growth hackers are highly coveted by large companies and startups. They require a very deep knowledge of the internet and online public relations, exhausting all possible ways to reach potential users (sometimes even inventing new techniques).

Digital Influencers

Another much heard phrase lately in the digital world and highly sought after by advertisers. At, we know plenty about marketing with digital influencers, as you can see in this video. Digital influencers are people who, because of their knowledge, personal vision of the world and charisma, have a great power of influence on the internet, reaching a wide audience with their messages and content. They are the opinion makers of the 21st century.

We hope that with this small glossary we have clarified some of your questions about the terminology of the online marketing universe. If you still need more info and you want real experts in the field, just click here. In any case, we hope we have attracted your attention and that you find our content interesting. At the very least, we know that if you have reached this line we have seduced and that we can go on to enjoy a long-term relationship 😉