Tips and tricks to trend on Twitter

Being important just for a short while, having that moment of fleeting fame, people talking about you… trending on twitter can be an ego boost and will definitely go down a storm with your client. We’ve all wanted that hashtag we’ve just tweeted to start trending at some time or another. But how do we do it? There’s no guaranteed way, no standard recipe, but following a few simple tips make it a lot more possible:

  • You’ll probably have noticed that, despite appearing in a lot of tweets, hashtags like #GoodMorning and #GoodNight don’t tend to be trending topics, whereas something like #HappyMonday does. It’s all to do with Twitter’s algorithm; it looks not only at the number of tweets generated but also the volume in a set period of time. Hashtags that can apply to almost any moment therefore get little traction and aren’t considered for trending topics. Those that are relevant at a very specific period in time, however, are.
  • Be cre@tive. Your hashtag should be short and punchy. Try to make it catchy and attractive to users so to encourage them to share it or include it in their own tweets.
  • Get up to between 1,000 and 2,000 people to use your hashtag. Again it’s all to do with the twitter algorithm. It’s not widely known but rumours suggest that twitter takes the time of day and number of connected users into account when determining what’s a trending topic and what isn’t. At night time – prime time – 2,000 tweets are needed, including RTs and replies. First thing in the morning just 1,000 are needed.


Above all, don’t be intrusive. Don’t push it, don’t call for RTs or send DMs pushing your followers to tweet out your hashtag.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you’d like a hand with this. is made up of a team of digital natives and social networks are like second nature to us. The digital world is our natural habitat and we aim to strategically position our clients in this new, often daunting but exciting world.